Hands-on Management Consulting Company.

Corporate philosophy

There are many ideas = " thought " ,that you are not able to achieve due to a variety of factors(such as the organizational and human resources, financially).
On the other hand, various consulting companies do not lead to appropriate solutions.
We first share your and challenges, and set the appropriate goals. We will lead to the target in the field principle thorough your company with "Intuition" based on experience.

Trading for Regions NAGASAKI
Our Services
Supports for Exporting
"Food and Alc.")
 Preparation and Application of Exporting, Introduction of Logistics Companies, Arrange interpreters in targent countries, market survey
 ※Target Country : Thailand
(In case of other countries, our services will be limited. Please contact us for more information)
Supports for development New product and service ■Contents
 ・Supports for Clients' Development New Product
 ・Supports for Clients' Development New Service
For clients who would like to expand sales by development new products with us. Based on experience of developement new products and services at castella maker and the other companiees, we can support clients' whole project management. We will have been supporting until clients' needs are accomplished.
Optional : Support for exporting preperation (Additional fee is needed)
Marketing Support ■We can satisfy clients' needs. For example, the actual impression on their products.
Please contact us for more information regarding related services.
Please apply for overseas sampling from here.
(General Goods)
 ・Import general goods and sell online in Japan. We plan to import foods in the near future.
 ・We run EC site "Araikodai"
inbound Inbound Tourism / Translation
Our Services
Traslation ■wakatam Traslation Service
There are two services. The first is "Normal Translation", and the second is "3-Step Translation".
About "3-Step Translation", we will explain personally. Please inquire.
Inbound Marketing Survey ■Support for various marketing for inbound tourism.
The price depends on contents. Therefore, we will arrange a meeting with you.
Events of Thailand ■September 2018, we produced Thailand official events hosted by OSMEP, the Office of SMEs Promotion of Thailand Government.
The price depends on contents. Therefore, we will arrange a meeting with you.
We would llike to hold various contries' events in Nagasaki.

2018/9/22-24 THAI FESTIVAL in NAGASAKI 2018

September 2018, we produced Thailand official events hosted by OSMEP, the Office of SMEs Promotion of Thailand Government.
We would llike to hold various contries' events in Nagasaki.

THAI FESTIVAL in NAGASAKI 2018 Opening Ceremony Video

hr Human Resource Management

Human Resource

■Nagasaki International Student Research(NISR)
We accept internship of international students, hold food events and offer translation jobs.
Our goals are that international students feel fully satisfied with Japan and that we give the best chances for international students to apply their skills.
■Nagasaki Breakthrough(NBT)
We, Wakatam, support "Nagasaki Breakthrough", a local project of "Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative". Our purpose is to offer japanese students opportunities to be "Glocal Person".
■Discovery of Culture Gap Project
In the near future, there will be so many foreigners in Japan as residents. We have discovered and analyzed the cultural differences between the Japanese and the foreign. This project is for collecting these contents for everyone in Japan will be happy.
As part of the projects, we started "GO-RI-YA-KU PROJECT" to improve the quality of translations in Nagasaki from 2019.
Here is a link to "Discovery of Culture Gap" blog
■Voice Consulting
This project is collaborated with Office Pierrot Inc,. Based on experience of stage actor, we teach methods of voice and tongue to improve speaking skills dramatically.
If you would like to know in detail, go to the HP about "Voice Consulting".
Please download information materials from here
company Company Overview
company name Wakatam inc.
bureau of NISR (abbreviated "Nagasaki International Student Research")
Representative Kazuya Wakasugi
wakatam Inc. CEO
Kashuen-Moricho Inc,. Geneal Director of Planning Department

Eihito Tamura
wakatam Inc. Director
Registered capital 1 million yen
Address 38-30-1, Saiwai-cho, Isahaya city, Nagasaki prefecture, Japan
Founded 1st September 2011
Description of Business Regional Trade Business
- Inbound Tourism / Translation
- Human Resource
URL Official HomePage http://wakatam.com

Facebook Page  http://facebook.com/wakatam
Telephone 81-957-22-7009
E-mail wakatam@wakatam.com
URL Official Web Sitehttp://wakatam.com

Discovery of Culture Gap Project Bloghttps://culture-gap.blogspot.com/

Facebook Page  http://facebook.com/wakatam
Accomplishments 【Clients & Works)】
Convenience store group company (Consultation)
Nagasaki Prefecture ("Kankoro" Project)
JTB Nagasaki (translation)
kashuen-Moricho Inc,. (Support for Exporting)
Young Entrepreneur Group Nagasaki (Translation)
"Nagasaki University(Invited Lecturer)"
"Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies(Guest Speaker)"
Nomura Farm Hokkaido Inc,. (support for starting international business in Thailand)
The Juridical Foundation for International Personnel Management (Human Resources)
and 30 more companies

【Media Coverage】
Nikkei, Newspaper (Twitter)
Nagasaki Shinbun, Newspaper (NISR)
Nagasaki Shinbun, Newspapar ("Kankoro" Project)
NHK Nagasaki, Television (Thai Food Festival 2018)
NBC Nagasaki, Television (Thai Food Festival 2018)