is Hands-on Management Consulting Company.

Corporate philosophy

There are many ideas = " thought " ,that you are not able to achieve due to a variety of factors(such as the organizational and human resources, financially).
On the other hand, various consulting companies do not lead to appropriate solutions.
We first share your and challenges, and set the appropriate goals. We will lead to the target in the field principle thorough your company with "Intuition" based on experience.


company name Wakatam inc.
Representative President & CEO Kazuya Wakasugi
Capital 10 million yen
Address 38-30 Saiwai-cho, Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki-pref, Tokyo, Japan
Founding date 1st September 2011
Business Business consulting
   - Product development support, testing & market research
   - Settlement related business support
   - Overseas business development support, and more
URL Official HomePage http://wakatam.com

Facebook Page  http://facebook.com/wakatam